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Christa is a bridge builder. We have seen a lot of divisive issues in the last several years and people from all sides need to be heard and respected. We need a mayor that can be strong but also compassionate. Christa is a thoughtful and measured individual who considers issues from as many sides as she can before arriving at a decision. She is from a multi generation local farm family and her personal experience and education has given her a wide breadth of view. Christa is an experienced councillor through difficult times and has my support in her bid for the mayor’s seat.


Owners and Publishers of theHumm newspaper

We have watched Christa in action fielding very diverse questions and comments.  We find her responses to be thoughtful, intelligent, and backed up by facts and experience. Her manner is respectful, diplomatic, confident and poised. We are always impressed and appreciative when good people like Christa put themselves forward to run for public office.


Vice-President, Almonte In Concert Board

Through her time on Council, Christa has consistently demonstrated a consultative, reasonable and balanced approach to decision-making. She is talented, articulate and as an artist herself values the contribution of the arts in our town.   Keith and I are confident in her collaborative spirit and we are fully supporting Christa Lowry as our next mayor of Mississippi Mills.


Retired farmer
Lifelong community volunteer
Local historian

So glad to hear that a quality person such as Christa Lowry, someone with personal knowledge of agriculture and rural affairs, is running for Mayor of Mississippi Mills.


Member of the Order of Canada
Artistic Director of the Puppets Up! Presents
Producer & Puppeteer

I’ve known Christa Lowry since she was a graduating Almonte and District High School student and was chosen to receive a Noreen Young Bursary to attend the University of McGill’s music course.

Christa’s calm and positive demeanor, and her readiness to listen and weigh the pros and cons before making a decision, make her an excellent candidate for Mayor. Her farming family’s connection to the land, and her ability to communicate with all ages in our municipality can only be strengths as she is challenged to accommodate change or hold onto existing traditions.


Chair, Mississippi Valley Textile Museum Board of Directors
President, North Lanark (Millfall) Condominium Corporation
Director, Mills Community Support Corporation

Leadership through consensus-building is Christa’s style of leadership.  Her innate ability to listen to and respect other points of views, and the fortitude to forge working relationships are her assets as a leader.


Director, Sivarulrasa Gallery

I support Christa Lowry’s brand of leadership – it’s honest, creative, and civil. I think she would be a great Mayor for our Town.


Retired Professor
Coordinator, Almonte Lectures

Recent years have taught me to be skeptical of people who run for public office. Too many run for the wrong reasons … Christa Lowry is a refreshing exception. Maybe it’s her farm roots or her musical training. She can handle bull, seeks harmony, and listens well. Christa is genuinely interested in us all, in our community and its future. She faces the truth and keeps her promises. In the old days, some of us called it character; others called it guts. I’ll vote for that.


Broker at RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Group

I have known Christa Lowry for many years and have found that she has always been unbiased and professional. Christa is a leader and a team player who understands the varied populace of our community. Raised on a farm in Ramsay Township, Christa is used to hard work, and getting the job done.


Past-Chair, Mills Community Support
Director, Lanark Federation of Agriculture
Secretary, Almonte in Concert

Christa has developed a terrific knowledge and capability in her time on Council. She has captured the confidence of the people around her and clearly has the capability to lead.


Grief and Bereavement Counsellor

Christa has a deep commitment to the community, its well-being, and its development. She has solid roots in the community, understands it from both rural and urban perspectives, and is skilled at finding middle ground when these perspectives diverge.


Retired Entrepreneur

As a new retiree to Almonte (4 years) and an outspoken advocate for honest, polite and forward thinking communication, I am betting all my cards on Christa Lowry for Mayor. She represents a wide spectrum of interests in our lovely town and can deliver the goods to bring respectful dialogue and effective leadership to the table.


Chair of Mississippi Mills Community and Economic Development Committee
NLAS Committee member

Christa Lowry’s work on initiating an Agricultural Committee that reports to Council has resulted in better representation of the agricultural community in Mississippi Mills. I believe that her experience and efforts on town and country matters make her the best candidate for Mayor.


Commmunity volunteer

Someone vying for the position of mayor needs to have a strong desire to make Mississippi Mills a place where people want to live; to visit and to establish business roots. However, it takes more than wanting to be a positive influence. It takes a person with intellect, common sense, a strong work ethic and experience. Just as important, it requires someone who respects other people’s point of view and in turn is respected. Christa Lowry ranks high on all requirements and will make an excellent mayor.


Retired teacher, small business owner, community volunteer

A very wise, fair and open-minded woman, Christa Lowry knows how to make things happen. We are most fortunate to have her commitment and dedication to our community. As a proponent of sensible, responsive and responsible government, Christa’s the person we need as our mayor.


Occupational Therapist / Firefighter

In the 10 years that we have known Christa, we have always found her to be family-oriented and community-minded. When approaching her as a Councillor, she always listens and then takes the time to answer questions.  As someone who grew up in this community coupled with the time she spent away from Mississippi Mills, we believe Christa brings insight and objective opinion to the current issues we face.